Welcome Samurize fans:

As a moderator at Samurize.com, I decided to create a site for Samurize, because the forums are down at the main site. With no eta on a time or a way to contact administrators, I thought I would try and keep it alive. It may be pointless, but I got the bug again. The love of building configs got in me again.

The forums are a bit crude, but will do the job fine for now, so head on in, and register!

Suffice it to say, I will be creating configs, and posting them as I finish them. I would like to be able to contact some of the old crew, and invite them to a part of this. Also, if some of the old crew has source code or know who has it, I would like to get it so the program can be updated to run on the newer OS's. It can be run on Windows 7, but must be run in XP compatibility mode to function. As to if any of the old scripts, and plugins run? I have a full config up and going including weather, cpu temps, and all the perfmons still function, although the latter needs to be updated to support more than 4 cores. If anyone sees this that can give me any information on how to get in contact with NeM, or Aldraic, or Uziq, or even Cure or Sim, please contact me on the forums or email me at Raiderman@samurize.org.

Remember, the only limitation to Samurize, is your imagination!